Mackay Jt. School District #182
District Policies
Mackay Elementary
Mackay Jr/Sr High School
District Office
Digital Citizenship and Safety Education 2335
Controversial Issues and Academic Freedom 2340
2000 Series-Instruction
Goals 2000
Curriculum Development and Assessment 2100
Lesson Plans 2110
Program Evaluations and Diagnostic Tests 2120
Research Studies 2130
Student and Family Privacy Rights 2140
Student and Family Privacy Rights-Consent Form 2140F
Copyright 2150
Instructional Organization
School Year, Calendar, and Instructional Hours 2200
School Closure 2210-2210P
Pre-Kindergarten Programs 2220
Grade Organization 2230
Class Size 2240
Programs and Services
Guidance and Counseling 2300
Nutrition Services 2305
Nutrition Education 2310
Physical Activity Opprotunities and Physical Education 2315
Health Enhancement Education 2320
Driver Training Education 2325
Community and Adult Education 2330
Parental Opt-Out Form for Sex Education 2340F
Speakers in the Classroom and at School Functions 2345
Controversial Speaker Procedure 2345P
Student Religious Activity at School 2350
Release Time 2355
Interscholastic Activities 2360
Homebound, Hospital and Home Instruction 2370
Elementary and Secondary Education Act Waiver 2380
Limited English Proficiency Program 2385
Migrant Education Program 2390
Idaho Digital Learning Academy Classes 2395
Special or Alternative Instruction
Special Education (RESERVED) 2400-2400P
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 2410-2410P
Title I Parent Involvement 2420
Gifted and Talented Program 2430
Online Courses and Alternative Credit Options 2440
Contracted Student Services 2450
Instructional Materials
Library Materials 2500
Selection of Library Materials 2510-2510P
Curricular Materials 2520
Learning Materials Review 2530
Selection, Adoption and Removal of Curricular Materials 2540
Technology Advisory Council 2545
Field Trips, Excursions and Outdoor Education 2550
Contest for Students 2560
Use of Commercially Produced Video Recordings 2570
Parental Opt-Out/Consent Form Regarding Movies 2570F
Required Testing Program 2580
Grading and Promotion
Promotion/Retention 2600
Advancement Requirements (6-9) 2605
Advancement Requirements (9-12) 2610
Student Learning Plans 2615
Grading and Progress Reports 2620
Parent-Teacher Conferences 2625
Homework 2630
Required Instruction at Elementary Level 2635
High School Graduation Requirements 2700-2700P
Military Compact Waiver 2705
Alternative Measure to the ISAT 2710
Secondary Route to Graduation 2715
Participation in Commencement Exercises 2720
Objectives 2800
K-3 Reading Intervention 2125
Title I Parent Involvement Procedures 2420P